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We would like to give our thanks and gratitude to Gordon H. Lenz & Associates for providing such prompt service and working hard to get us the best policy for our needs. We appreciate the fact that you are easy to work with and you take the time to listen to our specific needs.

Jason Haen
Van's Realty and Construction of Appleton, Inc.
Appleton, WI

Mandated Benefits in Health Insurance in Wisconsin
Many employers modify their health plans at the beginning of the year, so this may be a good time to review your health insurance plan to verify that you are aware of all of the benefits in your plan. + more

Do You Know How Your Health Plan Works?
Part 1-Introduction

How well do you understand how your health plan works? According to a report in the March/April 2001 issue of the journal, "Health Affairs," less than 1/3 of the people surveyed correctly answered four questions about the requirements of their plans. + more

Provider network
Of the four questions in the survey, consumers were most likely to understand whether or not their plan had a provider network. About 80% of individuals surveyed correctly answered this question. + more

Out-of-network care
The second question in the survey asked consumers whether their health plan would pay any of the costs if they went to an out-of -network doctor without a referral. Almost 70% of the consumers surveyed answered this question correctly. + more

Primary care provider
About 72% of the consumers surveyed knew whether or not they were required to choose a primary care provider for routine care. + more

Wisconsin Builders Association/Brown County Home Builders Association/Valley Home Builders Association News:
The builder's WPS health insurance program is coming up on their renewal for January 1, stay posted for more information.

Remember you have the right to ask questions. If you want answers contact your agent. You don't have an agent, or aren't satisfied with the service your current agent is providing, then contact Gordon H. Lenz & Associates we are always happy to look at your plan, obtain competitive quotes, and answer any questions that you may have.
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